Drainage Services & Repair

The right drainage solution can help divert excess water away from your home and protect and maintain the foundation. Applications include catch basins, French drains, swales and proper downspout tie-ins.

Drainage Services & Repair

Drainage is one of the first areas assessed during a foundation inspection. The effect of too much surface water or underground migrate water can be solved by drainage systems. The soils around your foundation need to be even in nature. Heaving could be present if one area maintains a higher moisture level then the rest of the surrounding soils. If the collection of water in the same location lasts over a period of time, the foundation is in danger of settling.

The installation of a catch basin system is used for the removal of surface water. This is sometimes confused with or called a French drain. French drains are designed to stop underground migrate water. French drains, if installed properly, should not be seen from the surface. If possible, all drainage systems are gravity fed to an exit location. If elevations do not allow the system to run down hill, a sump pump will need to be installed. The pump will push the water uphill and to the exit location. The foundation’s perimeter should always have a positive slope running away to prevent movement in the surrounding soils. Proper drainage provides preventive maintenance to insure the future integrity of your foundation.

Catch Basin

One Year Warranty on All Company Installed Surface Drain Systems

A catch basin is installed underground and helps take out debris like leaves, garbage, and mud from a drainage system. A trench drain, sometimes called a channel drain, is typically a long, narrow floor-type drain. Both catch basins and trench drains are available with surface grates that can easily handle heavy foot traffic. Decorative grates can be used to enhance the beauty of their surroundings in driveways, courtyards, patios, and other professionally landscaped areas.

French Drain

Three Year Warranty on All Company Installed French Drain Systems

French drains are typically used to draw excess groundwater and surface water away from an area of concern. French drains consist of a perforated drainpipe covered with clean drain rock. These drains are installed below ground, and the drain rock is covered with filter fabric to prevent the back-filled soil from clogging the drain rock and drainpipe.

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