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“We found Foundation Dynamics, Inc. through the foundation engineer we hired to assess our issue. We have existing piers underneath the house installed by a couple different companies by previous owners. The piers to be adjusted were no longer under warranty and needed to be lowered. Foundation Dynamics, Inc. was the only company who not only provided a lifetime warranty for their services (even on piers they don’t install!) but also actually adjusted the piers, not just cut them loose from the house. As the work was being completed, the team lead was inside the house measuring and watching the walls for stress levels. We did have some cracks in the drywall (we were warned to expect this during the first 30 days), but noticed immediate results in the reduction of sloping floors. Following the completion of the work, the teams left the landscape better than they found it in some cases. Overall, this was an excellent experience and I would use this company again if I found myself in this situation. Everyone we talked with or encountered within the company were pleasant, knowledgeable and very professional. When they say you pay for what you get…it is true with Foundation Dynamics, Inc. It was worth a bit of extra money for quality work, immediate results, and a lifetime warranty on any future repairs.”

Leah D. –Dallas, TX

“I have been looking for a company to do some mudjacking work on my driveway and came across Foundation Dynamics, Inc. in a review here on Angie’s List. I contacted them to get an estimate and made an appointment for Kyle to come out to my home. Kyle spent about 30-45 minutes taking measurements and provided me with an overview of the process, how long it would take to do the work and a cost breakdown. To schedule the work, half of the total amount was requested up-front and the other half would be paid upon completion of the work. The day the work was to be done; the two-man crew showed up on-time and asked me to take them to the area that needed to be repaired. Zach, the crew leader, mentioned that it would take 30-40 minutes to get everything set up before he could begin the concrete lifting process. Zach let me know once they were ready to get started and I saw how the process worked, a few small holes are drilled in the concrete and a polyurethane compound is injected into the holes, which fills any voids under the concrete and then expands, which lifts the concrete. The work on my driveway was completed in about 4-5 hours. Once the work was complete and the crew left (I had signed off on the work already), I noticed there were two drill holes that hadn’t been filled. I contacted Zach and he had a team sent out the next day to fill the remaining holes. I also noticed that the concrete walkway next to my backyard gate had lifted a bit as well, preventing the gate from opening outward. Zach came out the next day to resolve the fence issue and everything looks and works great!I no longer have to worry about scraping the bottom of my car coming in and out of my garage as the driveway level is back to what it was when my house was first built.I would highly recommend Foundation Dynamics, Inc. for any concrete leveling/mudjacking work you may need.”

David W.-Fort Worth, TX

“They were very prompt and professional. I was impressed with their work. The quote was $1700 for a limited number of piers. Their professionalism and punctuality were excellent. I asked them for an extra and I was pleased. I would consider using them in the future.”

Mary T. –Arlington, TX

“They were very professional from the initial estimate through scheduling the final inspections. They completed the work faster than I had anticipated.”

Jamie K.- Fort Worth, TX

“From bid to clean-up, I thought Foundation Dynamics, Inc. did a good job. We looked at about 5 other foundation companies and Foundation Dynamics, Inc. won out. They were higher on the price scale but their warranty was great and I really felt they were here to help us not just make another dollar. We talked to Carey and Kyle Price several times and they were always happy to answer our questions. I wasn’t able to be there for the original final walk-through and Kyle offered to come out and walk me through the work. Their crew was polite and professional. If I needed work again, I would definitely call them.”

Megan L.–Lewisville, TX

“Everything was fine. We did a few things they recommended. They called to follow up and to ensure everything was still okay. I thought that was nice that they called to check up with us.”

JM H.-Flower Mound, TX

“I had called two other foundation companies as well as Foundation Dynamics Inc. All seemed to agree on the amount of work to be done but Kyle from Foundation Dynamics, Inc. was the only one that said to me that from his readings he would recommend I have a water leak test done since things did not add up to him. He had said he could fix my foundation but if was a water issue that would not help and that just getting the leak fixed could fix my issue. He also advised I turn off my sprinklers and wait a few weeks and to call him to have him come out and re-measure. It turns out that I did have a leak but not where he thought so I indeed did need foundation work as well as getting a leak fixed. When he came back out the measurements were still about the same. Because of all of this I chose them due to Kyle’s honesty, about doing repairs if they were not really needed. His people came on time and did such a great clean job and even saved more of my bushes then I thought I would have which will make it easier for me in the spring to redo my landscape.”

Robert L.–Arlington, TX

“After inspecting the property, Kyle met with me and fully explained the situation with my foundation. He noted that some things could be done to fix the changes in elevation, but that no work was necessary and that adjusting the floor level could actually do more harm than good as the house was stable as is. He could have taken advantage of my fears, but instead was honest and forthright. It was evident from his explanations that he is passionate and very knowledgeable about his work. The next time I have any issues I know that I can trust him. I have no doubts that if I had decided to have work done, it would have been done properly.”

Chris C. –Dallas, TX

“We have hired Foundation Dynamics, Inc. for a few jobs, ranging from foundation repair to French drain installation to drainage system installation around a property. Each job was quoted clearly, with professional and detailed paperwork. On one of the jobs, upon its completion and during inspection, the contractor walked the perimeter and explained everything completed in clear and detailed terms. Our company has contacted Foundation Dynamics, Inc. for multiple estimates, which they always provide in a timely manner. They have treated our company fair regarding waiting time on approval from owners. Even when owners fail to approve an estimate, Foundation Dynamics, Inc. still treats us with respect and professionalism when contacted again for other estimates. Their prices are reasonable and competitive, their staff is friendly and professional, and their prompt handling of requests is always appreciated.”

Steve S. -Fort Worth, TX

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